Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bad Boy

What's with the title? Well, it's because I just finished watching The Romantic and Idol Season 1. I don't usually watch shows like that unless the guests or casts are Big Bang or any YG family members. But currently I've been keeping an eye on Jaebum or JB of GOT7 and found several shows that he was in, like Dream High 2 and this.

I don't know how the show works but I did watch a different episode before and that was prior to my K-Pop life. So, I basically still didn't know what they were talking about. I started watching from episode 2 because he was the preview image and it made me very excited (teehee).

On the first couple shuffle, it's Jaebum and Seungah. They seem to be really happy during their first date. Both are blood type A. In Korea, it is a pretty big deal to know the blood type of someone you're interested in.

Each couple in the show is given a mission during their date. In this date, the mission is they have to hold hands for more than a minute. I got tons of feels when Jaebum suddenly grabbed Seungah's hands because the PD said they have to do the mission before they go to Jeju Island. Ah~! That scene literally got me squealing!

I already knew GOT7 through WIN: Who Is Next but didn't really paid much attention because they're a group outside YG Entertainment. But since there is a lack of activity from Big Bang and iKON, I decided to search dance practices of GOT7. And boy I'm glad I did!

I follow a few multi-fandom users in Twitter (@annneyong), so I know Jackson because I see TList fangirl-ing over his funny antics on Roommate. Also, Mark and Bambam appears to be the most RT-ed member in my TList.

I got curious about them and searched them online. Voila! Found iGOT7 and Real GOT7 in YouTube and KShowOnline! It's really fun watching them play around and be, well, boys. One member caught my attention, it's Youngjae! He reminds me so much of Junwhore (Junhoe of iKON). Adding up to the similarity is they're both the main vocalist of the group.

But after repeatedly watching (about 30 times or more!) their I Like You dance practice video, I'm starting to focus on JB more instead of Youngjae. Mianhe Youngjae-ah~!

That's how I came to watch The Romantic and Idol. At first, JB was sweet and cutesy but when the next shuffle came he immediately shifted his feelings and that's when it got complicated. His choice is from Seungah to Jei then it hauntingly stayed with Jei. Due to his frustration for not having another chance to date Jei, he poured out his frustration on Seungah-unnie and acted like a total jerk during their date.

Okay, okay! Maybe he's just immature and don't know how to deal with his feelings or emotions because yes, he is still young but to treat a lady like that is not and never will be right!

During Seungah's interview after the date she said that she felt lonely while she was with JB and also sensed that she was not the one on JB's mind while they were having a date.

That was a big turn off for me. It got me thinking, "is he really that insensitive in real life?". Even Hyejeong felt awkward with JB because he was bullying him when they're not even close yet.

I was about to give up watching it but the previews make it hard for me not to. Eventually, JB chose Seungah. I doubt it's sincere. I reckon he just doesn't want to end up without a partner. Also, she might have been dizzy riding that emotional roller coaster because she still ended up choosing JB too. Aish~!

Truly, Jaebum is a nappeun namja! I like him still though. He just acted like a jerk that's all.

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